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USG and designated Partner Nations personnel who have been given an authorization code by a CL-150 Administrator may register to access the CL-150 Portal by entering their information below then clicking Continue. After registration, users may log in to the CL-150 Portal to access the CL-150 Platform's language learning programs, content, and services.

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What is the CL-150?

The CL-150 Platform (CL-150) provides a comprehensive and constantly evolving suite of language, regional and cultural training and assessment software, content and services and is specifically intended to support the full spectrum of defense, intelligence and other USG language requirements.

Who can register to use the CL-150?

CL-150 Licenses are available for purchase by any US government organization or agency. To create a login to the CL-150 you must be a member of a CL-150-Licensed organization and you must use an authorization code provided by the CL-150 Administrator at your organization. You cannot register as an individual without receiving such an authorization code. Some users access the CL-150 Portal via a government portal, known as "single sign-on" or "SSO". When accessing through a government portal, a CL-150 Authorization Code is not required.

If you are not sure whether your organization is licensed for use of the CL-150, contact your Administration Office. If your organization has not licensed the CL-150 and might benefit from doing so, ask your Administration Office to contact us at to learn more.

Is it free?

Yes. Use of the CL-150 is free to all members of a CL-150-Licensed organization. If you have been given an authorization code by your administrator, then you are a member of a licensed organization and you can use this portal as well as the programs and content it provides at no cost to you.

What is a CL-150 Authorization Code and where do I get one?

A CL-150 Authorization Code is a special code provided to you by your organization's CL-150 Administrator. The Authorization Code serves as proof that you are a member of a CL-150-Licensed organization and entitled to use the resources on this portal. You must have an Authorization Code from an administrator to register. A CL-150 Authorization Code is not required to access via your organization's portal.

How do I know who my CL-150 Administrator is?

To find your administrator, contact the Information Technology Officer or the help desk for your organization. If you cannot locate the administrator for your organization, email Transparent Language's CL-150 Support team for assistance.

Is my username and password the same as my CL-150 Mobile username and password?

No, they are not the same. You can access your username and synchronization password in your User Profile after you login to the CL-150 Portal, then follow the three simple steps.

Can I share my account?

No. After you have registered your account, you will have a unique username and password that you can use to login to the portal. You may not provide this information to any other individuals but if you know that your US government organization or agency is a CL-150-Licensed organization you may refer your eligible colleagues to your CL-150 Administrator to request a CL-150 Authorization Code so that they can also register.

Will I be able to make changes to my information after I register?

Your username cannot be changed after it is created but if you need to adjust your information, such as to provide a new email address or to change your password, you can do so by logging in, then clicking on your User Profile.

What if I forget my username or password?

If you forget your username or password you may use the "Forgot your username or password?" function on the CL-150 Login page. Please note that if you are using a government portal or SSO this function is not available.

Can I transfer my user data from an old account to a new account?

Yes, this process is called account rollover. You can begin the process from the profile page of your new account; you may also be prompted to roll over from an old account when your new account is first created.

If I make a new account, do I have to roll over from an old account?

No, only if you have user data you want copied to your new account, like your learning progress.

How does account rollover work?

Rolling over allows you to transfer your learning data from an old account to a new account. When you roll over an account, all of your list progress, course progress, and learned words and phrases from the old account will be added to the new account. Your old account will then be deactivated, if it wasn't already. If you have authorized CL-150 Mobile with your old account, these programs will automatically start using the credentials of the new account after the rollover.

What will I need to roll over?

Your old account's mobile code, which you can find in the profile screen of your old account or on the denied access page that appears if your old account is already inactive.