Registering as a CL-150 Licensee

Registering as a CL-150 licensee allows you to work with a series of language-learning programs and their associated content. Any USG personnel who have been given an authorization code by an administrator can register.

To register as a CL-150 licensee:

  1. Talk to a CL-150 administrator at your organization to receive an authorization code. If you cannot locate the administrator for your organization, you may contact Transparent Language's technical support staff directly to request information.
  2. When you are ready to begin the registration process, enter your authorization code in the field provided, then click Continue. Authorization codes are case-sensitive and can be up to eight characters long.
  3. Enter a username for yourself in the Username field. You will use this username when you log into the CL-150 Portal.
  4. Enter your email address in the Email field provided. If you sign up to receive any emails from Transparent Language, they will be sent to this address. Your email can also be used for password recovery. Personal, non-official email accounts are acceptable.
  5. Enter a password for yourself in the Password field, then type it again in the Confirm Password field. You will use this password when you log into the CL-150 Portal.
  6. If you prefer, do any of the following to indicate your proficiency level in the Primary Language Proficiency section:
  7. Mark the Allow emails from Transparent Language checkbox in the Email Settings section if you want receive emails related to your learning progress, assignments, updates, and more. Clear the checkbox if you do not want to receive these emails.
  8. If you want to transfer data from another CL-150 account into this account, enter the synchronization password from the other account in the Synchronization Password from Other Account field in the Rollover from Another Account section. When you save your complete your registration, the data from that account will be transferred into this one, and that one will be deactivated.
  9. After you have entered all of your information, click Complete Registration. Your information will be checked, and you will be asked to correct any issues such as empty fields. If no issues are found, you will be registered as a CL-150 Licensee and shown the CL-150 Portal.

Note: If you later need to change any aspect of your user profile, you can do so by logging into the CL-150 Portal then clicking on your username and choosing Edit Profile.